Teachers should make space for students’ voices and teach them how to connect and shape their communities for the better.”

Ana’s Story

Teaching Disciplines

Biology, Chemistry and Biotechnology

Why Science

“Science can be a polarizing content area and I am encouraged to teach students how to work through a hard subject area in order to build skills that will help them persist when they face struggles in any area of life. I also desire to help my students wonder about the world and the science around them.”

Professional Experience

Through the PEOPLE Program—a program that serves underrepresented students in the Madison, Wisconsin, area—Ana spent a summer teaching a seminar class on education to high school students.

She will begin her second year of teaching at Middleton High School during the 2021–2022 school year.


Ana enjoys playing sports with friends, playing card games, running, and cooking.

Academic Background

  • University of Madison–Wisconsin (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Educational Studies)
  • University of Madison–Wisconsin (Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction)