In addition to full-time job opportunities, experienced teachers can get involved with Knowles in the following ways:

Selection Advisors

Each year, the Knowles Teacher Initiative invites leaders in education—teacher educators, experienced teachers, scientists, and mathematicians—to serve as advisors to the Knowles staff and Board of Trustees in selecting the new cohorts of Teaching Fellows.

Advisors help us evaluate applicants’ potential to develop within the criteria Knowles uses to make decisions about fellowship awards: potential to develop the content knowledge needed for teaching (CKT), potential to develop exemplary teaching practices (ETP) and potential to develop the qualities of a teacher leader (QTL).

This is a fully remote experience that involves approximately 20–25 hours of work over the course of three months in the spring. Advisors receive a stipend for their work.

Teacher Leader Mentors

Teaching is challenging work and teaching is only sustainable when there is a supportive community for teachers to access and learn from. One way that we support our Fellows is by connecting them with veteran teacher leaders.

In 2022, Knowles created a new position—teacher leader mentors (TLMs). TLMs allow our Fellows to see visions of themselves as veteran teachers who are leaders in their schools and communities (e.g., local, state and national). Our Fellows meet together three times per year and TLMs would join Fellows at meetings to share their teacher perspective and support, and offer empathy and encouragement. Additionally, they would help Fellows brainstorm strategies for in-the-moment problem-solving. We think attendance at in-person meetings is important to support impromptu conversations and build relationships with these beginning teachers. Our hope is that TLMs would also authentically discuss and model the ideas of each meeting focus, e.g., what “doing” content looks like in their classroom or how they engage with their colleagues at their school. They would also connect our Fellows to their networks, locally and nationally. TLMs will be paid a stipend for their work and all travel expenses would be covered by Knowles.

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During fiscal year 2022, our generous staff donated more than $4,000 to provide funding for teachers to attend Knowles Academy courses. 

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Knowles Teacher Initiative founder Janet H. Knowles generously gave $100,000 in 2016 to fund Seed Projects—initiatives that are designed to improve education beyond a Senior Fellow’s own classroom. Six Seed Projects totaling $49,519 were awarded during the 2016–2017 academic year, including two teacher observation groups, a peer coaching program, and a writing retreat.

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