I think high school students need adults in their lives who expect the best out of them and hope the best for them. Being one of those adults means a lot to me.”

Christian’s Story

Christian is the product of a unique educational background; he was home schooled for about 11 years and attended public school for about three years. Additionally, he worked at a small private school in its infancy during his last two years of high school. In his relatively short life, Christian has been exposed to the gamut of educational institutions. It was this confluence of experiences that led to his interest in education.

With a well-established affinity for education, Christian studied secondary education and mathematics at the Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. During his time at the college, he served as a private tutor in under-served communities and provided childcare for single women taking GED classes at a women’s job center. Christian wholeheartedly believes that math is fun and beautiful, and enjoys sharing this belief with students. He feels that he has succeeded as a teacher anytime that his students feel confident enough in themselves and their reasoning to disagree with something and argue their case.