I love teaching because it’s different every day and because I know I am doing something that has an impact on many different students.”

Christy’s Story

Christy Metzger grew up in Timonium, Maryland, a town just outside Baltimore. In high school, her life revolved around field hockey and track and field, but her physics teacher also made a big impression. “His passion for physics was contagious, as was his desire for learning. A whole new world of science opened up for me.”

As a freshman at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pa., Christy was once again inspired by a professor and chose physics for her major. Her perspective on teaching was shaped during the summer of her sophomore year, when she volunteered at a Young Life camp in Georgia as a mountain bike instructor and also taught high school physics at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. “These experiences were very different, but I learned a great deal about the desire of students to be loved, accepted and challenged.”

Christy enrolled in an accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching program at Towson University, where she also coached track and field while student teaching. After graduation, Christy taught for one year at Westminster High School in Westminster, Maryland. Christy was then asked to join the nearby Winters Mill High School to help build the physics department. When not in the classroom, this former pole vaulter and sprinter enjoys spending time with her husband and watching and playing sports.