I love to develop deep relationships with my colleagues and students in the educational context. I also want to help dismantle and change the education system so that is not as oppressive and exclusive to diverse populations. I hope that as a teacher I can help provide more learning opportunities for my diverse students.”

Enya’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Life Sciences

Why Life Sciences

“I want to better the science field’s lack of diverse representation. By being a life Science high school teacher, I hope to inspire and help diverse students through life pathways that could include future science professions.”

Professional Experience

Enya served as a teaching assistant for her college introductory biology classes for three years. During her sophomore year of college, she had an internship at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Summer Education Research Program (SERP). In this role, she assisted an exploratory qualitative study with Dr. Melissa Braaten and observed pre-service teachers engaging in practitioner inquiry.

The following summer, Enya attended an internship at the University of Georgia’s Undergraduate Biology Education Research (UBER) program, where she studied metacognition in college biology classes with Dr. Julie Stanton.

Lastly, while attending school at Heidelberg University, she collaborated with Dr. Justin Pruneski and Kaylee Wilburn to develop, present, and publish case studies for Introductory biology classes at the undergraduate level about food labels and HIV.  

Enya began teaching at Russell County High School during the 2017–2018 school year.

Volunteer Experience

Enya is helping establish a GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) chapter for northwest Ohio.

She also is the founder of Heidelberg University’s first Latinx organization, called Berg Latinx Unidos. The organization helps support, celebrate, and educate others on Latinx culture.


Enya enjoys swimming, knitting, and eating.

Academic Background

  • Heidelberg University (Bachelor of Science in Biology and Education)