When I recall the people I most looked up to in childhood, a handful of teachers are right at the top of the list. These were the teachers I tried to emulate when I was their student and whom I hope to emulate when I have a classroom of my own.”

Ethan’s Story

As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, Ethan Levine majored in linguistics. He always loved math but did not think of becoming a math teacher even though, growing up, he frequently helped his peers with their math homework. “I relished these opportunities, and loved the feeling of getting someone to understand a mathematical idea.”

In college, Ethan participated in a tutoring program where he and a group of students led small group discussions in a tenth grade geometry class. “I became increasingly comfortable with my ability to communicate the material.” He also spent the summers working with high school students at a sleepaway camp. Both experiences led him to reconsider his career choice, making him realize “how much enjoyment I could get out of teaching.”

Ethan is a graduate of Bethlehem Central High School in Delmar, New York. As an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and made Dean’s List four years in a row. Ethan enjoys playing volleyball and attending sporting events.