Teaching would allow me to share my love for and knowledge in biology.”

Isaac’s Story

Two passions have guided Isaac Stewart’s search for a career: a fascination with the natural world–insects in particular–and a desire to share his experience and knowledge. Isaac majored in integrative biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and embarked on graduate studies in entomology. He realized quickly he did not want to devote his life to research. “Most of my time was spent in the laboratory or working on the computer when I truly desired to be outside or in a classroom either learning or teaching.”

After consulting with his wife Whitney, an eighth grade science teacher, Isaac was determined to teach. “As a teacher, I can expand my knowledge of the biological sciences through professional development while learning continuously from my students.”

Isaac serves as an extension entomologist at the University of Illinois, where he answers bug-related questions. He volunteers for the Urbana Park District, leading guided nature tours for youth, and participates in outreach programs that involve insect presentations at local schools.