I think that teachers should be seen as professionals in society who continually work to improve their practice and in turn student learning.”

Jessica’s Story

Jessica strongly believes in the importance of problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which combined with her love of mathematics, make teaching the perfect profession for her. Born and raised in Mississippi, Jessica earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics education from the University of Mississippi. During her undergraduate career, she tutored students of various ages in math. Moved by her student teaching experience, Jessica decided to continue her studies by pursuing a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction at the university.

In addition to her graduate coursework, Jessica works as a Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Mississippi’s Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE). Through CMSE’s K–12 STEM Outreach division, she introduces students to potential careers in STEM fields via various camps and programs.

As a classroom teacher, she aims to help students develop a positive relationship with mathematics. She also aims to help students develop valuable real-world skills, such as problem solving and team building. Through her participation in the Knowles Teaching Fellows Program, Jessica “expects to be challenged, supported, and encouraged through collaboration with a community of passionate STEM educators from across the country.”

When she isn’t busy, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband, their two dogs, and their large family.