Teachers should be given every opportunity to be better teachers. The impact of good and bad teachers on a student’s life is tremendous, and it is imperative that teachers have the support to be good teachers—to be excellent teachers—so that the impact on students’ lives is a positive one.”

Kelsey’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“Through mathematics, we learn to problem-solve and to think critically about problems. We learn to challenge and to defend our and others’ thinking. We learn to try, fail, and keep on trying. This is why the teaching and learning of mathematics can be so difficult, but also so useful and rewarding.”

Professional Experience

As a biomedical engineering major, Kelsey tutored student athletes. Through this position, she identified her passion for teaching and mathematics. After switching her major to mathematics, she taught two sections of recitations for a college-level pre-calculus course.

With assistance from an Ohio State professor and doctoral student, Kelsey conducted research on teaching mathematical modeling, which led to the development of case studies that focus on how students learn through mathematical modeling.

Volunteer Experience

For nine years, Kelsey worked as a Relay for Life volunteer. For five of those years, she served as Team Captain. In this role, she led a team of 20–25 fellow students to raise over $20,000 for the American Cancer Society. Most recently, she helped approximately 50 teams raise over $100,000 for the American Cancer Society as Team Development Director.

She also tutored students as a Homework Help Center volunteer.


Kelsey enjoys crafting, hiking and spending time outdoors.

Academic Background

  • Ohio State University (Master of Education in Teaching and Learning)
  • Ohio State University (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)