With every occupation, career, and vocation that exists, a teacher is needed to help prepare persons for that role. As such, teachers are responsible for preparing every member of society for the role they decide to play.”

Leroy’s Story

While studying to earn both a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Pennsylvania State University, Leroy taught several mechanical engineering laboratories. He also worked as a translator for a few years. Through these experiences, he discovered his love of teaching.

Realizing that our education system needs good teachers, he earned a Master of Science in science education from the University of Pennsylvania, then transitioned to the field of teaching. His personal experience at the secondary level with not always being the highest achieving student helped him gain an understanding of how to overcome challenges. Through teaching, he can help others to do the same.

Leroy is an eclectic person who is passionate about music. At Penn State, he was involved in various ensembles and opera theater. Presently, he performs with a few choral ensembles. When he’s not doing music or being a “cool Physics teacher,” he enjoys hanging out with friends and family.