Although people encouraged me to use my academic abilities in some ‘grander’ way, I could think of no higher calling or responsibility than to teach high school math.”

Mandy’s Story

Mandy Colson fell in love with school even before her first day. Excited by an older sibling about the prospect of learning, Mandy embraced school as a haven for her inquisitiveness. Nurtured by supportive parents, loving and talented teachers and wonderful public schools, she affirmed a desire to teach at an early age. As she grew older and found herself teaching at home, in school and at her church, all her experiences validated that desire. “I loved helping others and sharing what I had learned, while at the same time learning alongside others.”

After attending Dorman High School, Mandy earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics  and her Masters of Teaching from the University of South Carolina. Along the way she was recognized with the South Carolina Teaching Fellowship, Jeong Yang Award, and Outstanding Work in Math Education Award.

Mandy has long been active in her community. She volunteers at her local church in Columbia and co-leads a bible study for college-aged girls. She has also volunteered internationally, teaching in a barrio on a mission trip to Nicaragua.