I hope that I am able to help all of my students see themselves as capable mathematicians, regardless of their past experiences with mathematics.”

Peter’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics 

“I chose to teach math after falling in love with helping my classmates in my high school Probability, Statistics and Discrete Mathematics course. My teacher, Ms. Williams, illuminated the beauty and applicability of the math we were studying, and I was hooked. I always had trouble staying quiet in class, and she patiently allowed me to channel my energy into assisting my classmates by acting as an in-class tutor. Since then, I have felt that there was nothing better than helping someone else discover the beauty of math while forming strong social and communal bonds.”

Professional Experience

For four years, Peter tutored students in math through the DePaul University counseling and tutoring center. Additionally, he taught recreational math to fifth and sixth graders for four years as a lead instructor with Math Circles of Chicago. 

He completed his student teaching at Lake View High School and remained there as a long-term substitute teacher for the spring semester of 2020. Peter will begin his second year of teaching at Lake View during the 2021–2022 school year.  


Peter is passionate about cooking and would love to open a small cafe that specializes in coffee, comfort food, and books. He also enjoys playing golf.  

Academic Background

  • DePaul University (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)