A teacher has the responsibility to model and teach skills such as collaboration, questioning, organization, communication, and more. Teachers also have a responsibility of introducing students to new ideas and phenomena, and providing a place for students to synthesize that information.”

Selendra’s Story

Teaching Disciplines

Biology and Earth and Environmental Science

Why Biology

“I hated science until I took a biology class. This was the first time that I became excited about science. I started to understand how the human body worked and how living things function together. Having the honor to open similar doors for my students is incredibly rewarding.”

Professional Experience

During her undergraduate studies, Selendra performed research in the von Dohlen Lab at Utah State University, where she performed biological experiments involving dissection, DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and purification of insect samples. She also worked in the Coding for Kindergarten Lab at Utah State from 2020 to 2022. Additionally, she spent a year working at the Utah State Summer Science Camp, where she worked as a lead counselor. Following this role, she worked as a tutor and mentor at the Utah State College of Science. After graduation, Selendra spent one year teaching biology and Earth science at Logan High School in Utah, and another year teaching the same subjects at Northern High School. 

Selendra will begin her second year of teaching biology and earth science at Northern High School in Durham, North Carolina, during the 2023–2024 school year. 


Selendra spends time leading her school’s National Honor Society chapter and has recently quadrupled the program size. She volunteers at her school by chaperoning dances and ticketing school events. Outside of school, she enjoys trying new recipes. 

Academic Background

  • Utah State University (Bachelor of Science in Biological Science Composite Teaching)