Teaching allows me to explore and learn science while working with others all day and is a perfect way to channel my passion for social justice into something more tangible. Teaching also constantly challenges me to reflect on my biases and how I learn to become not only a better educator but a better person. After finding teaching, all the pieces just fell into place for me.”

Casey’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“I love learning about life and how complex and weird different life forms are! Biology allows me to ask questions about what I see in the world around me and test answers and solutions to these questions. The subject is easy to connect to the real world, showing students that we engage in science all throughout our lives. Additionally, biology incorporates many aspects of other science fields and can be applied to many situations— in labs, in health settings, in forests, with animals, and more!”

Professional Experience

Casey worked as a tutor for the University of California, Berkeley, and later became an adjunct instructor for a biology support class. She also worked as an undergraduate student instructor for organic chemistry for one year, guiding students through three-hour labs and explaining how they connect to organic chemistry.

As part of a summer enrichment program, Casey taught science and English to elementary and middle school students in Madrid, Spain. 

Casey will begin her second year of teaching at Hillsdale High School during the 2020–2021 school year. 


Casey enjoys reading, particularly about true crime and mysteries that allow her to make connections to forensic science. 

Academic Background

  • Stanford University (Master of Arts in Education)
  • University of California, Berkeley (Bachelor of Arts in Molecular/Cell Biology)