A teacher’s role is to create a safe and challenging environment, where students learn to question the world around them, and are supported in developing into the people they want to be.”

Kristin’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Biology and Earth Science

Why Science

Science is a lens through which we observe and come to understand of the beautiful and wonderful world around us. I believe that all students deserve the opportunity to experience and understand their worlds.

Professional Experience

With a goal of teaching at the collegiate level in mind, Kristin started working as a Research Technician at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to gain more experience before enrolling in graduate studies. She worked in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division of the center, conducting research on the immunological response to HSV-2 infection in mice, as well as memory t-cell development with model pathogens.

Though she was successful in this position, she was anxious to return to the classroom. Seeking to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people, she decided to pursue a career in secondary education.

Volunteer Experience

Through a study abroad experience in India, Kristin learned about the importance of education in bettering the lives of deprivileged people. Seeking to make a difference in the world around here, she spent a year volunteering in Quito, Ecuador following graduation.

At el Centro del Muchacho Trabajador, she taught adult education classes, as well as reading, writing and math to students who missed years of schooling and needed help catching up. This rewarding experience solidified her desire to teach.

Special Recognition

In 2014, Kristin became a published author (Zehn, D., Roepke, S., Weakly, K., Bevans, M. & Prlic, M. (2014). Inflammation and TCR Signal Strength Determine the Breadth of the T Cell Response in a Bim-Dependent Manner. Journal of Immunology, 192(1), 200–205.).


Kristin enjoys outdoor activities, including mountain biking and rock climbing.

Academic Background

  • University of Washington (Master in Teaching)
  • Gonzaga University (Bachelor of Science in Biology)