The Kaleidoscope staff offers you this gift—a self-authored issue of the things we learned while teaching through a pandemic.

What a year! As we return to the classroom this fall, there are many things to be grateful for and many things to mourn. As the Kaleidoscope staff navigated this year as classroom teachers, we realized that we needed to turn inward to support each other and lean on the community we had built. Now was not the time for new projects or for bringing others in; it was a time for drawing on our relationships for the strength to cope with an impossibly difficult year.

So we asked ourselves: what if we wrote this issue ourselves? It could be a way to give something back to our community, who have given us their time, insights, and wisdom through sharing so many stories with us.

So here it is, our offering to you—authored by current members of the Kaleidoscope editorial staff, our peer advisors, and members of our writing retreat community.

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