In this episode of Teacher Voice: The Podcast, teachers talk about what happened for them after their writing was published.

Host Brittany Franckowiak joins fellow Kaleidoscope staff members Beverly Stuckwisch and Kirstin Milks to explore the aftermath of publishing their thoughts and experiences on teaching and learning.

“Making our teacher stories public can be challenging, both in ways that we expect and in ways that we don’t. It’s an unpredictable process, and sometimes it’s frustrating. Sometimes it’s rewarding. But it’s always urgent.” – Brittany Franckowiak

Listen to the podcast to hear Brittany and Beverly, both Associate Editors, and Kirstin, an Editor-in-Chief, unpack how telling and sharing their stories led to important insights in their professional journeys.

“I know that the same has been true of other authors who have written for Kaleidoscope: they’ve been shocked with some of the ways that their stories have been shared and some things that people have gotten out of it that they haven’t thought of themselves.” – Beverly Stuckwisch

To hear more about these teachers’ experiences after publishing their work, listen to Teacher Voice: The Podcast.

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