An inspired and well educated America can accomplish so much, from developing the fields of science and technology to great humanitarian endeavors.”

Ian’s Story

Ian Caldwell may well look upon life as a circus:  He has traveled the world as a juggler, acrobat and clown with Disney Live!’s “Winnie the Pooh” and has taught circus arts in youth programs and youth camps in California, Colorado, New York and Vermont.

Over the years, Ian coached circus arts to students ages six to 60, but his favorite experiences have always involved teenagers. He found it easy to teach teamwork, perseverance, problem solving and self-confidence through circus arts. “One student I worked with gave away his Nintendo gaming systems, turned his grades around and started juggling four hours a day.  Now he is in college and is an incredibly talented juggler and a first class student.”

While finishing his BS in physics and engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ian observed a middle school mathematics teacher who opened his eyes to the fact that the type of instruction he cared about was possible in a traditional public school setting.

He believes that a teacher’s role is to open doors to possibilities in the lives of America’s youth through inspiration and quality education.  “When someone is inspired to learn, nothing can get in their way.”

Ian graduated summa cum laude and hopes to eventually teach in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and work with a diverse population and a range of ability levels.  He is confident that with Knowles’ support, he “can learn to have the same influence in the classroom as I have in the circus tent.”  He still loves juggling, tumbling and working with others on partner acrobatics.