Many students have given up on learning math or categorized it as unnecessary for their lives. I hope that my passion for the subject will help convince them otherwise.”

Madison’s Story

Madison Park first realized that she wanted to become a teacher when she started coaching her jump rope team. “I began coaching because I loved to jump rope, but soon I realized how much I loved the act of teaching.” While it was always satisfying to see her jumpers complete a new trick, what she enjoyed most was “how contagious the energy and passion I had for jump rope seemed to be.” Madison feels the same energy and passion for mathematics and enjoys sharing that excitement with her students.

Madison started her teaching career by returning to her alma mater, Long Reach High School in Columbia, Maryland, after earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina, and a master’s degree and teaching certification from the University of Maryland. Before returning to Maryland, she spent three years teaching in Sunnyvale, California, to collaborate more closely with other Knowles Fellows. “It was a great opportunity to grow professionally in my practice with Complex Instruction, high cognitive demand math tasks, teacher leadership, and teaching reasoning and problem solving, while getting to experience the beauty and diversity of the west coast.” Outside of teaching, Madison enjoys doing crossfit, hiking, and cooking with her husband.